New Hampshire Supreme Court
Senate Final 2002 Plan
with Townships and Adjusted
City Wards for
Manchester and Nashua


Logo: Adobe PDF Senate 2002 Final Map
Logo: Adobe PDF Senate 2002 Final Full Geography Report
Logo: Adobe PDF Senate 2002 Final Population Summary Report

Block Equivalency File -- This is a file from the United States Department of Justice that defines the census blocks for each Senate district in New Hampshire as a dBase file.  This dBase file contains three fields of data:  the block numbers for each census block; the assigned Senate District in character form for each census block; and  the assigned Senate District in numeric format for each census block.   

Arcview GIS Shape File-- File for importing the Senate Districts into Arcview GIS software, a desktop mapping program from ESRI, Inc. A free GIS data viewer called ArcExplorer is available for download from ESRI's website.  This free GIS data viewer can be used to view the Arcview Shape File posted on this website. You will need to download all the Arcview files into a single directory on your PC for viewing with Arcview or ArcExplorer software.