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Administrative Office of the Courts - A Message from the Director

The mission of the Administrative Office of the Courts is to provide excellent support service to judges, clerks, and support staff of New Hampshire's 78 courts.

The AOC areas of responsibility include those tasks that lend themselves to centralization or which require specialized knowledge. Our support allows judges and court staff to focus their energies on delivering direct service to New Hampshire litigants, jurors, witnesses, and attorneys.

Photo: Donald D. Goodnow
Donald D. Goodnow

    Presently, we are involved in the modernization of the Supreme Court and trial court automated case management systems. The goals of this project are to 1) support the management needs of Judicial Branch users and policy makers; 2) support the information needs of other government policy makers; and 3) provide the foundation for the electronic exchange of information with other government agencies. We look forward to using these powerful modern tools to enhance service to users of New Hampshire courts and to improve the administration of justice.

   In the area of fiscal management, the AOC prepares the Judicial Branch budget, pays authorized obligations and accounts for revenue. AOC staff also administer the Judicial Branch unified personnel system. Our security manager oversees the training and deployment of security personnel in all courts, in cooperation with the county sheriffs in superior courts. Finally, we work closely with the Bureau of Court Facilities to provide the public with appropriate and functional court facilities.

   The AOC staff is committed to provide excellent support to New Hampshire courts so the judges and their staff can meet their goal of providing access to timely justice by impartial judges.

   We welcome your suggestions of ways to improve the administration of New Hampshire courts. You may contact us at:

Donald D. Goodnow, Esq.
Administrative Office of the Courts
Two Charles Doe Drive
Concord, NH  03301
(603) 271-2521

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