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Drug and Mental Health Courts

Specialty court programs for non-violent offenders with substance abuse or mental health issues are available in various Superior and Circuit Court District Division locations in New Hampshire. These specialty courts combine community based treatment programs with strict court supervision and progressive incentives and sanctions.  By linking offenders to treatment services, the program aims to address offender's substance abuse and mental health issues that led to criminal behavior, thereby reducing recidivism, and protecting public safety. These specialty court programs are designed to promote compliance with treatment programs as an alternative to jail time.

Felony drug court programs for adult offenders are available in Cheshire, Grafton, Rockingham and Strafford Counties. A defendant who enters those drug court programs must reside in the County where drug court is offered, in addition to having committed the crime in that county.  The same provisions apply to Drug and Mental Health programs in the Circuit Court District Division.

NH Office of Drug Offender Program Documents and Information

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List of locations where drug courts and mental health courts are operational


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