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8/30/16: Attention Self-Represented Filers
  1. Did you know?  In TurboCourt you have the ability to copy a filing, make changes and re-submit it by clicking the ‘Copy for New Form Set’ option. Questions:  Call 1-855-212-1234 for assistance.
  2. Court rules require you to send copies to all other parties on the case.  Always make sure you select the other party’s e-mail address if one is available  If no e-mail address is available, you must print your document and mail or deliver it to the other parties.
8/30/16: Attention Lawyers and DHHS Filers
  1. Upgrades have been made.
    *E-File and Serve is the default setting in existing cases
    *American Express cards are now accepted through e-Filing
    NOTE, please remember to enter your electronic service contact (email address) in every case. This will allow you to receive copies of pleadings and orders.
  2. Here is A NH Specific Guide to Terms Used in File and Serve
  3. The NHJB will host Demonstration / e-Filing Tip Sessions at the NH Bar Center from 2 – 4 PM on September 28, October 26 and November 29.   These are designed for paralegals and lawyers who are new to Circuit Court e-Filing or for those who want to begin to learn about the e-Filing process in advance of future case types to move to e-Filing.   If you plan to attend, please email Kim at  

3/22/16 - Tips for E-Filing Success for Lawyer and DHHS Filers

Recorded Webinars
What You Need to Know Before e-Filing

This Electronic Services page is your electronic entrance to the Judicial Branch. As we develop electronic services to replace paper processes, those services will be accessed from this page.

File, Respond, Manage Your Case
  • Click either link below to e-file a small claim or guardianship case
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  • Electronic Filing Locations:

e-Filing is required for small claims cases in all Circuit Court District Division locations.
e-Filing is required for guardianship cases in all Circuit Court Family Division locations.
e-Filing is required for guardianship cases in all Circuit Court Probate Division locations.

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