DATE: June 29, 2004                               CONTACT: Laura Kiernan
                                                                                       Court Public Information Officer



New Procedure for Announcing Opinions BEGINS JULY 1

 CONCORD—The Supreme Court announced today that beginning July 1, 2004, the clerk’s office will no longer give advance notice by mail to counsel and parties that the justices will issue an opinion in their case on a certain date.

          Under the new procedure, except in extraordinary cases, the names and docket numbers of opinions will be posted one day in advance of release on the judicial branch website at

            All subscribers to the Judicial Branch e-mail list service will receive this notification one day in advance of the opinions to be released.

             Print copies of opinions will be available at the court at 8:30 a.m. on the release date. The opinions will be available on the court’s website  by 9:00 a.m. 

            On the release date, the outcome of a case will be available by telephone from the Supreme Court clerk’s office. The clerk’s office will provide callers with the court’s mandate (i.e., affirmed, reversed, dismissed) but will not read any portion of the opinion over the telephone or discuss the court’s reasoning. 

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