MARCH 14, 2005                                                           CONTACT: Laura Kiernan
                                                                                                             Judicial Branch
                                                                                                             Communications Office
                                                                                                             271-2646 ext. 359





CONCORD—The Judicial Branch 2003-04 Report was released today summarizing developments in the court system, including statewide expansion of the Family Division and the purchase of an up-to-date case management system for the trial courts that will dramatically improve electronic access to court records.

          “Justice Moving Forward—A Time for Change,” is available in electronic form on the judicial branch website, Caseload statistics are included in the report as well as a detailed breakdown of Judicial Branch expenditures for FY 2003-2004.

          In the past two years, there have been major changes in leadership for the court system, which includes more than 600 staff members, judges and marital masters at 48 locations. In June 2004, Senior Associate Justice John T. Broderick Jr., was confirmed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court following the retirement of David A. Brock, who had been chief justice for 17 years. Also in 2004, Superior Court Justice Robert J. Lynn was confirmed as Chief Justice of the state trial court system

    The Chief Justice is the administrative head of the court system and works in cooperation with the Chief Justice of the Superior Court, the administrative judges of the district and probate courts and the Family Division and with director of the Administrative Office of the Courts.

          Other highlights in the report include an update on “Reclaiming Futures,” a project in juvenile drug courts in five locations; expansion of mediation programs; and a new attorney discipline program. A section of the report entitled “Looking Forward to the Future” includes excerpts from Chief Justice Broderick’s “State of the Judiciary” address, delivered in February 2005.

         The 16-page, full color report was produced by the Judicial Branch Communications Office. Print copies will be available for review at courthouses throughout New Hampshire, as well as at the State Library, 20 Park Street, Concord, and the New Hampshire Law Library, located in the Supreme Court building at One Noble Drive, Concord.