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September 9, 2009--The Judicial Branch Office of Mediation & Arbitration (OMA) has launched an appellate mediation program in the New Hampshire Supreme Court designed to provide a final settlement opportunity to parties in most non-criminal cases.

The Appellate Mediation Program is part of an ongoing effort by the Judicial Branch to offer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as an efficient, cost-effective method for settling disputes without formal trial or appellate proceedings. The Office of Mediation and Arbitration currently administers ADR programs in District Court for small claims matters; in the Family Division for parenting agreements, divorce, civil union dissolution and voluntarily mediated adoptions; and for civil cases in the Superior and Probate Courts.

"The appellate mediation program is yet another off-ramp which will allow parties the opportunity to resolve their disputes. I congratulate Karen Borgstrom of the Judicial Branch Office of Mediation and Arbitration and Supreme Court Clerk Eileen Fox and her staff for all the hard work it took to get it in place," Supreme Court Chief Justice John T. Broderick Jr. said.

At the Supreme Court, which is New Hampshire's only appellate court, mediation will be made available to parties in most non-criminal cases when agreed to by all parties. Retired Judges will serve as mediators at the appellate level.

The appellate program will be financed through a non-refundable $200.00 fee paid by each party participating in mediation. Parties who feel they cannot pay the fee can ask the Supreme Court for a waiver. Forms and additional information about the appellate mediation program are available on the Judicial Branch website. Click on the link for the Office of Mediation and Arbitration under "About the Courts."

To receive information about the program by mail, call 603-271-6418 Ext. 303, or write to Lynda Troy, Administrative Assistant, Office of Mediation and Arbitration, Judicial Branch, P.O. Box 389, Concord, NH 03302.