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Interpreter Services

It is the intention of the New Hampshire Judicial Branch to provide interpreters for all limited English proficient (LEP) individuals who are litigants and witnesses in state court proceedings, who have a significant interest in such proceedings, or who seek access to court records and information. Interpretation services are for communication with the clerk’s office, in-court proceedings and hearings and not for private communication with attorneys outside the courthouse. These services are critical to the fair and meaningful access to justice for individuals who are not fluent in English and are provided at no cost.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court issued an order, dated December 24, 2013, adopting the
New Hampshire Judicial Branch Language Services Plan. This plan describes the policies and procedures that currently exist and those contemplated to provide language services to these individuals.  In addition, the Court adopted the New Hampshire Judicial Branch Code of Professional Responsibility for Interpreters. The document outlines the expected standard of conduct interpreters must comply with. All three documents are available here.

Supreme Court Order regarding interpreter services

Language Services Plan

Code of Ethics for Interpreters

Language Services Complaint Form

Further questions about how to obtain an interpreter can be directed to the court where your case has been filed.

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