Judicial Branch, State of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Supreme Court
Cases Accepted - August 1998

     * denotes appealing parties
     97-683    Pruven Aggregates,  v.   Griffin,* James Paul     
                 Inc.                     James Paul Griffin Jr.,
               John E. Laboe              James Paul Griffin III,
                                          JPG Excavators, Inc.,  
                                          Tyra, Inc., GRIFCO
                                        Michael E. Chubrich
               Parol boundary agreement - whether Laws 1903,
               chapter 48 codified or reversed the New Hampshire
               common law of parol boundary agreements; cross-
               appeal - numerous issues including sufficiency of
               evidence; denial of equitable relief; failure to
               rule on requests; whether doctrines of
               acquiescence and practical location have 20-year
               tolling period; denial of trespass damages
     98-069    Carrier,* Mark, Appeal of
               (compensation appeals board)
               Peter S. Espiefs, for the claimant
               Andrew Merrill, for the employer
               Attorney General
               Workers' compensation - whether board erred in
               relying on prior version of RSA 281:26; whether
               employer estopped from denying claim by prior
               failure to timely evaluate permanent impairment
     98-139    Town of Seabrook*   v.   Vachon Management, Inc.,
               Robert D. Ciandella        Adult Video, Inc.
               Scott E. Woodman         Keri J. Marshall
               Municipal regulation - zoning enforcement; whether
               change in use of unit in commercial mall from sale
               of computer equipment to nude wrestling and
               bachelor parties required site review approval by
               planning board; whether pre-existing use was
               "lawful" non-conforming use; whether burden of
               proof was on plaintiff
     98-140    Longchamps          v.   New Hampshire State
                 Electric, Inc.*          Apprenticeship Council
               Edward A. Haffer         Attorney General
               Apprenticeship program ratio - whether council's
               order that plaintiff abide by 3:1 ratio of
               journeymen to apprentices violates RSA chapter
               278, RSA 319-C:2, IV, equal protection, or fair
               competition provision of the State Constitution
     98-171    State of NH         v.   Kerrins,* Joseph F. III
               Attorney General         Stan Hawthorne
               Sentence suspension - denial of evidentiary
               hearing or oral argument
     98-172    State of NH         v.   Colbath,* Richard
               Attorney General         Stan Hawthorne
               Sentence suspension - denial of evidentiary
               hearing or oral argument
     98-174    State of NH         v.   McLoud,* James
               Attorney General         Steven M. Latici
               Forfeiture - denial of jury trial; whether court
               lacked jurisdiction under RSA 595-A:6; whether gun
               "as configured" constituted contraband; whether
               night scope was integrated with pistol and thus
               subject to forfeiture; whether court correctly
               construed RSA 207:4 and :46
     98-286    Richard A.,* Involuntary Admission of
               Tony F. Soltani
               Barbara Maloney
               Attorney General
               Civil commitment - whether appointed counsel in a
               post-judgment proceeding of a mentally ill client
               is bound to pursue an appeal under the standard
               enunciated in State v. Cigic, 138 N.H. 313, or
               Anders v. California, 386 U.S. 738
     98-325    Jewell, Max         v.   Town of Cornish, Lorraine
               Barry C. Schuster          and Ralph Cosseboom,* 
                                        Michael A. Fuerst, for
                                        Michael L. Donovan, for
               Municipal regulation - municipal estoppel; whether
               town was estopped from enforcing zoning ordinance
               against unlawful use; whether nonenforcement
               resulted in ratification; failure to rule on
               requests for findings of fact
     98-341    Varney,* Gladys M., Appeal of
               (compensation appeals board)
               Richard J. Walsh
               Eric G. Falkenham
               Attorney General
               Workers' compensation - failure to award interest
               to the claimant
     98-375    State of NH         v.   Briand,* Jeffrey N.
               Attorney General         Eric R. Wilson
               Driving after certification as a habitual offender
               - denial of motion to suppress statements obtained
               without Miranda warnings; admission of hearsay
               evidence; sufficiency of evidence
     98-393    State of NH         v.   Martin,* Kelsey
               Attorney General         James E. Duggan
                                        Debra Walsh
               Aggravated felonious sexual assault - denial of
               Howard hearing; exclusion of evidence of prior
               sexual assault perpetrated on victim; allowing
               rehabilitation of victim with prior consistent
               statement; admission of hearsay
     98-406    State of NH         v.   Latimer,* Terrence
               Attorney General         James E. Duggan
                                        Jennifer B. Sobel
               Possession with intent to distribute cocaine -
               denial of motions to discover information related
               to sexual assault allegations against confidential
               informant, and to admit such evidence at trial;
               whether State opened the door to admission of
               first nol prossed indictment
     98-536    Mone,* Michael H., Benjamin Lawlor, Ronald S.
               Carvell, Carleton K. Marshall, Alan D. Stewart,
               Richard G. Soucy, Charles H. Langevin, Brenda M.
               Dupont, Bernard S. Bernsten, Peter J. Hicks,
               Marvin Rich, James A. Faria, John M. Cook, Gerald
               E. Brown, Robert W. Kley, Michael L. Carifio,
               Francis G. Scherer, Robert E. Reynolds, Warren J.
               Sheehan, John F. Donovan, Ron Lesperance, Robert
               Weddleton, Harvey W. Keyes, Bryan L. Robbins,
               Frank W. Smith, Andrew Fox, William A. Barnard,
               Anthony G. Bordeau, William J. Nolan, David
               Thibodeau, Dorothy P. Van Dyke, Craig Liatsis,
               Bart H. Wedig, Richard E. Groves, Bernard B.
               Hughes, Beverly L. Kley, Richard D. Lemieux, Mark
               Trombley, Joseph V. Lanza, Petition of
               David L. Nixon
               Leslie C. Nixon
               Attorney General
               Court security personnel - termination; writ of
               prohibition; whether Laws 1998, ch. 297, which
               terminates employment of court security officers
               and employees, violates New Hampshire
               Constitution; separation of powers