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Informational Videos
NEW Informational Videos For Parties Involved in
Either the Circuit or Superior Courts
How to Access a Lawyer
Legal Definitions
What to Expect at a Court Hearing
What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?
NEW Informational Videos for Parties Involved in the Circuit Court
What to Expect if you are Charged with a Crime
Pre-trial Process for Motor Vehicle Violations
What to Expect at First Appearance
What to Expect at an Incapacitated Person Guardianship Hearing
Mediation in the Family Division
NEW Informational Videos for Parties Involved in the Superior Court
Jury Selection Information
Felonies First
Civil Restraining Orders
A Guide to Self Help

An Introduction on our online Self Help Center where you can find basic, practical information about the New Hampshire court system, how it works, and what the procedures are for bringing a case to court. 

A Guide to Self Help

APPLA Protocol Overview

This video was produced by the New Hampshire Court Improvement Project and provides additional information for circuit courts conducting RSA 169-C post-permanency hearings in abuse and neglect cases for youth with APPLA (Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement) as their permanency plan.

APPLA Protocol Overview

Take a Video Tour of the Supreme Court and Law Library

Learn about the responsibilities of each court, the inner workings of the judicial system, and hear from some of the Justices. Note: this video was made for students who visit the the Court.

Take a Tour of the Supreme Court

Take a brief tour of New Hampshire's only public law library.

Visit the John W. King New Hampshire Law Library

"Court...I'm Going"

This video will help children and youth in abuse and neglect cases learn what to expect when going to court for the first time.

"Court...I'm Going"

Equal Justice

An informational video on legal assistance in New Hampshire.

Equal Justice

Jury Orientation Video

A Overview of jury service in the State of New Hampshire.

Jury Orientation Video

First Appearance Videos

A video explaining what to expect during a criminal arraignment or a first court appearance in a criminal matter in the Circuit Court - District Division.

Arraignment or First Appearance in a Criminal Matter in District Division

A Family Division Video

A First Appearance Session


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