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Delivery of Legal Services

  • The Delivery of Legal Services Committee is the largest committee on the Access to Justice Commission.  It focuses on the current legal services delivery systems, and evaluates, analyzes and makes recommendations to strengthen and coordinate the delivery of legal services in the state. 

    This committee is split into four subcommittees. The first three are focused on existing services for people using the justice system. It is also exploring new and potential services to assist people who are seeking help in the justice system. Virginia Martin is Chair for the Pro Bono/volunteer lawyer services and Marty Wagner is Chair of the Self-help systems. Jonathan Ross is Chair for the Non-lawyer assistance subcommittee which is also charged with reviewing and determining how non-lawyer advocates are involved in court proceedings to help make access to justice available.

    The fourth subcommittee, the Family Law Committee , analyzes the unique access to justice issues that face participants in the family law system. The Chair is Master Deborah Rein.

    Together, the subcommittees hope to create new and improved opportunities to as many people as possible in need of legal assistance in New Hampshire.

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You can hire a lawyer to represent you for just a prtion of your case. Read about "Unbundled" Legal Services.

Disclaimer: The Access to Justice Commission does not provide legal services or referrals for lawyers.