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The New Hampshire Judicial Branch is committed to providing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes in appropriate cases to respond to the needs of individuals accessing the courts. ADR programs provide the following benefits:

  • A skilled, professional neutral third party to manage your process
  • A confidential space in which to discuss your situation
  • An informal process in which you are not bound by rules of evidence and can talk about what matters most
  • A time and cost-saving opportunity to come to agreement before trial
  • A way to explore many options for resolving your case
  • An increased sense that you have been heard and an increased level of satisfaction with the outcome
  • A greater likelihood of compliance with an agreement

Current ADR programs are in Supreme, Circuit and Superior Courts. If you would like to learn more about ADR programs in the New Hampshire courts, please click on the links provided on the above left column. If you have a concern about a neutral, please contact the Office for more information about the complaint process.

You may contact the Office of Mediation & Arbitration at:

telephone:   (603) 271-6418
address:   1 Granite Place, Suite N400
Concord NH 03301


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