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Supreme Court Order closing 10th Circuit - District Division - Plaistow Court effective June 30, 2020
New informational videos for parties involved in the
Circuit Court have been posted on our Circuit Court videos page
The Circuit Court has implemented a single toll free number for all phone calls placed from the US or Canada: 1-855-212-1234.  Callers from outside the US or Canada must use the Circuit Court's toll number: 603-415-0162.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: If your phone is set up to block private numbers, you will need to change the blocking feature or provide a number that will accept calls from the Superior and Circuit Courts.
Circuit Courts


The New Hampshire Circuit Court began operation on July 1, 2011 merging the District and Probate Courts and the Family Division into a single, streamlined system designed to improve services to both the public and the Bar while producing significant cost savings. The merger is the most significant overhaul of the New Hampshire Judicial Branch since the early 1980s, when the legislature unified all the state courts under a single administrative and financial structure.

The Circuit Court, which will now include District, Probate and Family Divisions, will handle 90 percent of all cases filed in the state court system. Legislation establishing the Circuit Court (HB 609) was signed by Gov. John Lynch on May 16, 2011.

Jurisdictions for the district, probate and family divisions of the Circuit Court will be the same as the prior District and Probate Courts and Family Division. Court locations, addresses, telephone numbers, rules, filing procedures and scheduling will also remain the same in the District, Probate and Family Divisions of the Circuit Court.

There are 10 Circuits in the state, one for each of the state’s counties. Within each circuit there are several circuit court locations, each of which has a clerk and deputy clerk although in some locations a single clerk may supervise several locations. The locations of the district, family and probate divisions are now circuit court locations.

Judges who now come under the Circuit Court will continue to preside over the same types of cases for which they were appointed prior to the July 1, 2011 merger.

Questions about the Circuit Court should be directed to the circuit court clerks or to the Circuit Court Service Centers:



•  Probate Service Centers


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