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Committees - Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics Opinons

Opinions issued in 2004

  • 2004-ACJE-01 February 3, 2004: Whether the Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits the attendance of New Hampshire Supreme Court Chief Justice John T. Broderick, Jr. at an upcoming retirement testimonial dinner in honor of Walter L. Murphy, who recently retired as Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Superior Court?
  • 2003-ACJE-04 January 28, 2004: Whether the prohibition expressed in RSA 502-A:21 would prevent the members of the former law firm of a special justice from appearing and practicing in the special justice's court?

Opinions issued in 2003

  • 2003-ACJE-05 December 23, 2003: Whether in cases not covered by a specific authorizing statute, a New Hampshire judge may confer with a foreign state judge, who has transferred a case to New Hampshire, for purposed of discussing administrative matters associated with the case?
  • 2003-ACJE-03 November 10, 2003: Whether and to what extent a judge can serve as the New Hampshire membership chair of a national legal historical society?
  • 2002-ACJE-07 October 27, 2003: Is disqualification of a part-time judge necessary in cases involving services of personnel from a community health mental health center where the part-time judge represents the mental health center on corporate matters and appearances before state administrative agencies?
  • 2002-ACJE-09 October 15, 2003: May the name of a judge, with or without reference to judicial status, appear on letterhead of a non-profit charitable organization even when used in fund-raising solicitations and may the judge continue to be listed as a contact person or source of further information for potential donors?

Opinions issued in 2002

  • 2002-ACJE-05 December 20, 2002: Does the Code of Judicial Conduct prohibit a part-time judge from listing his or her law practice in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, when the listing includes a reference to being a judge?
  • 2002-ACJE-08 December 16, 2002: Does the Code of Judicial Conduct prohibit a judge from introducing a guest speaker at a public fund-raising event sponsored by a non-profit organization which benefits disadvantaged individuals?
  • 2002-ACJE-06 September 20, 2002: Does the Code of Judicial Conduct require disqualification of a judge in domestic cases in which a partner or associate of the judge’s former law firm is appointed as a guardian ad litem, where the judge’s affiliation with the firm ended relatively recently? If disqualification is required, may the judge ask the parties to consider a waiver under the Code?
  • 2002-ACJE-04 September 11, 2002: Does the Code of Judicial Conduct prohibit judges from attending, as guests, functions of private not-for-profit associations of attorneys, such as the Trial Lawyers Association and Women’s Bar Association, when those meetings are not for the purpose of fund raising?
  • 2002-ACJE-03 September 10, 2002: Is it a conflict for a judge to hear cases in which litigants are represented by a law firm to which the judge's ex-spouse (and ex-law partner) is "of counsel"?
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