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Circuit Court District Division
The Circuit Court has implemented a single toll free number for all phone calls placed from the US or Canada: 1-855-212-1234.  Callers from outside the US or Canada must use the Circuit Court's toll number: 603-415-0162.

The Circuit Court District Division handles misdemeanor and violation level offenses (including motor vehicle matters), small claims, landlord-tenant cases, stalking cases and other civil cases. There are 32 Circuit Court District Division locations around the state.

The experience of coming to court to try to resolve your case can be confusing and even intimidating.  We hope that on these web pages, we have provided information that will help make your experience with the court go as smoothly as possible. If you have questions or concerns about court process, you are encouraged to call or stop by the courthouse to speak with the clerk or a member of the staff. While our staff cannot provide legal advice, they can often assist you in finding answers to questions they cannot address themselves.                      


Where You Can Learn More

For more detailed information about the work of the District Division (formerly known as the District Court) check the Biennial Report of the Judicial Branch.

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