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Chief Justice John T. Broderick Jr., the keynote speaker at the Conference of Midwest Chief Justices in Nebraska City on October 3, described the impact of the rising number of self-represented litigants as “foremost among the challenges facing the state courts.”

Broderick, who has been a member of the board of directors of the national Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ), urged his colleagues to speak out on the need for state courts to be open to changes in procedures and protocols so that the civil justice system is “truly accessible, affordable and understandable to all of our citizens.” State courts, like other institutions facing marketplace demands, must constantly reexamine their business practices to provide services that are more efficient and less costly, he said. Full text.

During his tenure as Chief Justice, Broderick has focused on raising awareness in the New Hampshire legal community about both the need for accessible and affordable legal services and the professional responsibility lawyers have to help meet that need. His keynote address in Nebraska was part of an ongoing effort by the Chief Justice to talk about New Hampshire's efforts and generate further discussion with judges and court administrators from other states about access to justice for all citizens.

In an address to the annual meeting of the Colorado judiciary in September, Broderick urged judges to speak out on access to justice issues in their states.

“Despite the efforts of many good people over many decades, equal justice under law remains unrealized and often seems more an aspiration than a promise; more a distant goal than an impending reality. But one thing is certain. The gap between those who can afford to navigate the American justice system and those who can't is widening,” Broderick said. Full text.