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Judicial Branch, State of New Hampshire

For Immediate Release:
October 26, 2015

Sentencing Hearing Information for Media
State v. Owen Labrie
Case# 217-2014-CR-0617

CONCORD, NH - The Public Information Office of the Judicial Branch issued the following information today regarding the above-captioned case:

What:              Sentencing Hearing

When:             Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 1:30p.m.
Where:            Merrimack County Superior Court, 163 N. Main Street, Concord, NH
                          Courtroom #2 (Note: the trial was held in Courtroom #1)


Media Notes

Identifying Minors

  Presiding Justice Larry M. Smukler’s order issued in this case on August 9, 2015 regarding minors remains in effect. It states, "When any minor child under the age of 18 years old testifies in this case, there shall be no live broadcast, live streaming, or video recording of the minor child from any type of digital platform." (See attached, Media Order #1) This order also applies to any minor giving a Victim Impact Statement as allowed under RSA 21-M:8-k.

Recording Devices in the Courtroom:

  Judge Smukler’s order issued on August 20, 2015 regarding recording devices in the courtroom also remains in effect. (See attached, Media Order #2). Any members of the media needing clarification regarding this order should contact their outlet’s legal counsel prior to Oct. 29.   

Pooling Coverage:

  WMUR-TV has been designated TV pool. Contact Dave Sakowich at dsakowich@hearst.com.  AP/Concord Bureau has been given Still pool duties. Contact Jim Cole at jcole@ap.org.



Parking for Live Trucks:
  A row will be reserved for live/transmission trucks in the courthouse parking lot.  Regular news cars may not park in this area.

Staging for Live Shots:
   Three parking spaces have been reserved in front of the courthouse parking lot for media to stage live shots.  This area is for the use of all outlets.  Media may also utilize the closed section of the road in front of the spaces.  (Note: the large compressor near this area that previously created noise issues will not be operating on Oct. 29.) 

Seating in the Courtroom:
 16 seats have been reserved for working media who are on deadline on Oct. 29.  The four seats in the front row are for local media.  All other seats are on a first come, first serve basis. One seat per outlet. No members of the media may stand inside the courtroom.  An overflow room with a live feed will be located on the first floor in Courtroom # 4.

Accessing Wi-Fi:
     Wi-Fi at the Merrimack County Superior Courthouse was not designed for high capacity use.  Members of the media concerned about connecting to the Internet should arrange for their own cell signal or hot spot.

Accessing the Case File:
  The file in this case will not be available on Oct. 29 due to the fact it will be with the judge. Click here to access the documents in the file that are currently posted on-line.

Accessing Exhibits:
  Under Superior Court Rule 78, exhibits must be made available to the media in a "reasonable amount of time". While the exhibits is this case will not be available for the media to inspect on Oct. 29, the court is will designate another day for such an event.  The court’s Public Information Office, Carole Alfano, will inform the media of the date.

Requesting Transcripts:
  The court contracts with AVTranz to fulfill all transcript requests. The link to the company on our Judicial Branch web site is:  http://www.courts.state.nh.us/forms/Transcript-Instructions.pdf.  Include (1) Case name -  State of New Hampshire v. Owen Labrie; (2) Docket # 217-2014-CR-0617 (3) Court name - Merrimack County Superior Court, Concord, NH and (4) Date of Sentencing Hearing - Oct. 29.



Carole Alfano
Public Information Officer
603-271-2646 ext 0243