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Circuit Court Probate Division - Procedure Bulletins

The following is a listing with links to the Probate Court Procedure Bulletins. They are in .pdf format and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat, version 5.0 or higher.

Probate Court Procedure Bulletins are internal Probate Court documents designed to enhance procedural uniformity throughout the Probate Courts. Bulletins do not replace statutes, Probate Court Rules, or Probate Court Administrative Orders and must be read in conjunction with these authorities.

For those case types that are electronically filed, the Electronic Filing Rules supersede any related Procedure Bulletins.

E-filing of new Guardianship cases was effective June 2015.

E-filing of NEW Estate cases became effective on May 23, 2017 for:
Laconia (4th Circuit), Concord (6th Circuit), Dover (7th Circuit), Brentwood (10th Circuit)

E-filing of NEW Estate cases became effective statewide on June 14, 2017 for the remaining probate divisions:
Lancaster (1st Circuit), Haverhill (2nd Circuit), Ossipee (3rd Circuit), Newport (5th Circuit), Keene (8th Circuit), Nashua (9th Circuit)



Number Relative To Most Recent Revision
Non-Standard Probate Court Forms; Use and Review August 1, 2007
Court Appointed Counsel and GAL Motions to Exceed the Max. Fee Cap and Expenditure Guidelines August 1, 2007
Failure to Pay Initial Filing Fee August 1, 2007
PB 4
Setting Bond w/o Listing Debts/Taxes RESCINDED August 1, 2007
PB 5
Appraisers of Estates of Deceased Persons, Guardianships and Testamentary Trusts RESCINDED August 1, 2007
Funeral Expenses August 1, 2007
Appointment of Temporary Administrators Per RSA 553:20-a November 13, 2018
Failure to Pay Default/Citation Fees; Order to Show Cause Under RSA 554:26-a August 1, 2007
Order to Show Cause not Covered by RSA 554:26-a August 1, 2007
Motion for Extension of Time; RSA 554:26-a August 1, 2007
Appearance and Withdrawals October 1, 2009
PB 12
RSA 463-A and RSA 465; Accounts; Notice to Persons Beneficially Interested RESCINDED August 1, 2007
PB 13
Affidavit of Nursing Home Administrators (RSA 151-A:15) RESCINDED August 1, 2007
Records of Hearings October 1, 2009
Revocation of Will or Trust by Divorce or Annulment; RSA 551:13, II August 1, 2007
Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act August 1, 2007
Reopening Estates for Newly Discovered Assets August 1, 2010
Change of Name; RSA 547:3-I, II October 1, 2009
Requests for Information Concerning Adoption Files August 1, 2007
DRA Information, Determining Liability August 1, 2007
PB 20 A
DRA Information, Determining Liability RESCINDED August 1, 2007
Bank Mergers/Name Changes August 1, 2007
Hearings with Incarcerated Parties August 1, 2007
Probate Mediation Procedures September 25, 2009
Readoption Under RSA 170-B:27 August 1, 2007
Persons Claiming to be the Father and Who Have filed Notice of Paternity Claim with Putative Father Registry July 16, 2008
Contempt and Accompanying Arrest and Bail Issues August 1, 2007
Attachments and Trustee Process August 1, 2010
Civil Actions under RSA 547:3 March 16, 2011
Administration of Insolvent Estates January 31, 2011


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