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These rules are adopted by the Supreme Court of New Hampshire pursuant to the authority established in Part II, Article 73-A of the New Hampshire Constitution.  In exceptional circumstances, when the court finds that the application of these rules to cases pending as of the effective date would not be feasible or would work an injustice, the court may exempt such cases from the application of these rules or from a particular rule.





I.    General Principles

    1.   Scope, Purpose, Enforcement, Waiver and Substantial Rights

    2.   Computation of Time

    3.   Filing and Service


II.   Commencement of Action

    4.   Preliminary Process

    5.   Case Structuring Order


III.  Pleadings and Motions

    6.   Pleadings Allowed

    7.   Pleadings, Motions, and Objections, General

    8.   Complaints and Other Claims for Relief

    9.   Answers; Defenses; Forms of Denials

    10. Counterclaims, Cross-Claims and Third-Party Claims

    11. Motions - General

    12. Motions - Specific

            a.  Amend

            b.  Consolidate

            c.  Continue

            d.  Dismiss

            e.  Reconsider

            f.   Recuse

            g.  Summary Judgment

    13. Objections

    13A. Reply and Surreply

IV.  Parties and their Representatives

    14. Third Parties

    15. Intervention

    16. Class Actions

    17. Appearance and Withdrawal

    18. Counsel

    19. Out-of-State Counsel (Admission Pro Hac Vice)

    20. Non-attorney Representatives


V.    Discovery

    21. General Provisions

    22. Automatic Disclosures

    23. Written Interrogatories

    24. Production of Documents

    25. Discovery of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

    26. Depositions

    27. Expert Witnesses

    28. Requests for Admissions

    28A. Medical Injuries and Special Damages

    29. Discovery Motions


VI. Alternatives to Trial

    30. Mediation

    31. Summary Jury Trial

    32. Alternative Dispute Resolution

    33. Arbitration By Agreement

    34. Judge-Conducted Intensive Mediation


VII. Trials

    35. Trial Management Conference

    36. Standing Trial Orders - Procedure

    37. Standing Trial Orders - Proof

    38. Jurors


VIII. Judgment

    39. Settlements

    40. Approval of Settlements: Minors

    41. Dismissal of Actions

    42. Default

    43. Procedure After Trial

    44. Verdict upon Negotiable Instrument

    45. Taxation of Costs

    46. Appeals and Transfers to Supreme Court


IX.  Provisional and Final Remedies

    47. Attachments

    48. Injunctions

    49. Security

    50. Deposit in Court

    51. Periodic Payments

    52. Enforcement, Contempt, Arrest


X.   Special Proceedings

    53. Special School and Town Meetings

    54. Petition for Waiver of Parental Notice Prior to Abortion




101. Effective October 1, 2017, felonies first (RSA ch. 592-B) has been implemented in all counties. The New Hampshire Rules of Criminal Procedure (Felonies First Counties) were retitled the New Hampshire Rules of Criminal Procedure and are applicable in all counties. The New Hampshire Rules of Criminal Procedure (Non-Felonies First Counties) have been deleted.




    201.  Fees

    202.  Untimely-Filed Guardian ad Litem Reports

    203.  Access to Confidential Records Fees and Notice

    204.  Photographing, Recording and Broadcasting

    205.  Juror Orientation

    206.  Duplication of Audio Recordings

    207.  Business and Commercial Dispute Docket

    208.  Administrative Orders





    Rule 301.  [Plaintiff to provide copy of complaint to Superior Court Center]

    Rule 302.  [Panel members to provide C.V. to Superior Court Center]

    Rule 303.  [Counsel to submit proposed joint Scheduling Conference Order]

    Rule 304.  [Authority of Panel Chair]

    Rule 305.  [Panel Hearing to be scheduled within 6 months of return date]

    Rule 306.  [Panel Hearing to be held at least 90 days before trial date]

    Rule 307.  Witness Lists 

    Rule 308.  Length of Panel Hearing

    Rule 309.  Submissions 30 days prior to Panel Hearing

    Rule 310.  Submissions 10 days prior to Panel Hearing

    Rule 311.  Allocation of time at the Panel Hearing

    Rule 312.  Offers of Proof and Expert Opinions

    Rule 313.  Waiver of Panel Hearing



Superior Court Forms are available on the Judicial Branch Website.  Either click on the following link (Superior Court Forms), or return to the Judicial Branch home page, place your cursor on "Superior Court" in the menu at the top of the page, and then click on "Forms" in the drop-down menu that will appear. (There is also a link to superior court forms on the Superior Court home page.)  To return to the Judicial Branch home page, click on return.


NOTE: The rules as published herein are subject to revisions promulgated from time to time by the New Hampshire Supreme Court and published in the New Hampshire Bar News.

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