The following days are determined to be administrative days:

The third Friday of every month

The weekdays of the N.H. Bar Association Meetings in January and June

The period between December 26 and December 31

Such other days as may be determined by the Chief Justice from time to time.

The Clerk shall not schedule any matter for hearing on administrative days unless advised to do so by a sitting Justice for that Justice. Emergency matters may be scheduled on those days with the approval of the Supervisory Justice. The Justices and Masters of the Superior Court shall use administrative days in accordance with the following priority.

1. Decision writing

2. Education programs approved by the Chief Justice and N.H. Bar Association meetings

3. Superior Court Committee meetings

4. Administrative or court-related activities approved by the Chief Justice

5. The scheduling of hearings or conferences by a Justice in cases being handled by that Justice.


Nothing in this order is intended to prohibit a Justice from completing a matter in progress on an administrative day.