Beginning October 1, 1997 the Superior Court will hold telephonic hearings for routine motions and Rule 62 structuring conferences in Grafton County.

Effective immediately motions filed in Grafton County may include a request for a telephonic hearing in accordance with the procedures in this administrative order. When requested, the Supervisory Justices and the Clerk of the Grafton Superior Court will submit to me a report on the results of these hearings with any recommendations for improvement and use in other locations.

Under authority conferred by the New Hampshire Supreme Court, the following procedures are adopted for telephonic hearings:


A. Hearings will be scheduled only for matters not requiring evidence.

B. Hearings and conferences will not exceed fifteen minutes in duration.

C. The party filing a request for a telephonic motion hearing or structuring conference shall be responsible for necessary arrangements for the telephone conference. The party responsible for the conference call may use reliable office teleconferencing capabilities or may use a commercial telephone service provider. If commercial teleconferencing is used, the court shall be furnished with the appropriate conference call codes or reference numbers.

D. Hearings and structuring conferences will be scheduled only with the consent of all parties.

E. Nothing in these procedures is intended to limit the discretion of any Superior Court justice or master to authorize a hearing by telephone in other appropriate instances; provided, however, that telephonic Rule 62 structuring conferences are only authorized in Grafton County cases.

F. Telephone conferences may not be scheduled for Rule 62 trial management or settlement conferences.

G. A record of a telephonic hearing shall be made only if requested at the time the hearing is requested. If a record is provided, the parties shall identify themselves each time before speaking.

H. The Clerk of the Grafton County Superior Court shall designate specific days or portions of days for telephonic hearings and conferences.


I. If a telephonic hearing is requested, the caption shall so indicate and the request shall be contained in a separate prayer within the motion. The request must represent that all parties consent.

J. If a record is requested the caption shall so indicate and the request shall be contained in a separate prayer within the motion.


K. Not more than sixty days following the return day of any civil or equity action, any party, with the consent of all parties, may request the Rule 62 structuring conference be conducted by telephone.

L. Not later than ten days prior to the telephonic structuring conference, the parties shall file with the court a structuring conference stipulation. In the event the parties cannot agree to a stipulation, each party shall file a proposed structuring order.