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In September 2009, the court began to request that parties file an electronic copy of their brief in addition to the required paper copies. Because the Supreme Court rules do not require that a party file an electronic copy, many briefs are not available in an electronic format. Except in a confidential case, the case file, including all briefs filed with the court, are available for review at the Supreme Court clerk's office during regular court hours.

Unless a case is confidential, eBriefs can be filed electronically, in lieu of providing the court with the file on CD, by emailing it as an attachment to The eBrief should be submitted as a PDF (Portable Document Format). The eBrief should contain the entire brief, but need not contain non-electronic case related documents. A separate appendix to a brief shall not be filed electronically. The court can not accept any files larger than 6 MB (6000 KBytes) via email. eBriefs larger than 6 MB should be submitted to the court on CD. eBriefs will be posted to the Supreme Court's website.

The cases in which at least one party has filed an electronic copy of a brief are listed below by docket number, along with the date the brief was filed and the party filing the brief.

2019 Dockets

2018 Dockets

2017 Dockets

2016 Dockets

2015 Dockets

2014 Dockets

2013 Dockets

2012 Dockets

2011 Dockets

2010 Dockets

2009 Dockets

2008 Dockets

2007 Dockets

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