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Form Number
Name of Form
Additional Info Page - 1 page    
Additional Info Page - 5 pages    
Affidavit of Assets and Liabilities This form is completed by a party who is requesting waiver of the filing fee. The form is used to demonstrate the party's financial need for waiver of the filing fee  
Appearance/Withdrawal - Supreme    
Appellate Mediation Agreement Form
To be sent by Supreme Court to parties to appeal and completed by parties if they request mediation  
Appellate Mediation Program Party Information Form
This form is completed by each party participating in appellate mediation. The information is provided only to the mediator assigned to the NH Supreme Court case  
Appellate Mediation Program Party's Confidential Mediation Statement
Each party in a case referred to appellate mediation by the related NH Supreme Court order completes this form and submits to the Office of Mediation & Arbitration  
Appellate Mediation Questionnaire
This form is used only in Supreme Court mediation cases. It is given to the parties by mediator after the mediation session


Appellate Mediation Report
The mediator uses this form to provide results to the Supreme Court as to whether the case settled or if it should be returned to the docket


Appellate Mediator Statement
Mediators submit this form to the Office of Mediation and Arbitration for payment


Audio/Video Notice Form
Form is completed by an individual who intends to use audio, video or photography equipment in the courtroom during court proceedings


Motion for Waiver of the Filing Fee
Form is used to file a request to waive fees


Motion for......

To be used by parties to request relief from the Supreme Court


Objection to .....
To be used by parties in Supreme Court appeals to file objections to motions and other pleadings


Request to Review File
The purpose of this form is to receive, process, and track requests made by the public to view court files



Required style for outside front cover of cases and briefs
(Microsoft Word Document)


Rule 7 Notice of Discretionary Appeal Form
Use the discretionary notice of appeal form to appeal a final decision from a state trial court Instructions
Rule 7 Notice of Mandatory Appeal Form
Use the mandatory notice of appeal form to appeal a final decision from a state trial court Instructions
Signature Page This form is completed by parties when there are multiple parties that are required to sign a document and additional signature blocks are needed  
Transcript Order Form
To be used by parties in Supreme Court appeals to order transcripts for appeal  


There are no forms available for appeals filed under Supreme Court Rules 8, 9, 10 or for petitions for original jurisdiction filed under Rule 11. Parties must prepare their appeal documents according to the format outlined in the applicable rule.

Other Forms
Form Number
Name of Form
Attorney's Statement Statement submitted by court-appointed counsel, itemizing counsel and paralegal fees, as well as expenses.  
Compliance with Student/Graduate Practice Rule 36 This form is used when Law Students or Law School Graduates apply for approval to appear in court with a supervising attorney in accordance with Supreme Court Rule 36  
  Docket Sheet Request Form
This form is used to request a copy of the docket sheet for a case. For information about court policy on access to case information, see "Guidelines for Public Access to Court Records," in the New Hampshire Court Rules and the Supreme Court's supplement to that policy:  Copying and Fax Policy  
Motion for Authorization to Obtain Services other than Counsel Motion submitted by court-appointed counsel requesting authorization for additional services to prepare an adequate defense.  
Request for a Lawyer Form is used in criminal and juvenile cases when defendant is requesting a court appointed attorney  
Updated (01/01/2021)
Statement for Interpreter Services This form is used by vendors (other than Language Bank) who provide language services to the courts  
Statement for Services other than Counsel Statement itemizing the duration and cost of services other than counsel provided to a party by a person or association, after such services have been approved for payment by the court.  
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