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Video Webex Hearings
Joining a Remote Hearing
  • The New Hampshire Judicial Branch is using Webex for it's remote hearings. There are 3 options for joing a Webex:

    1. Use a laptop, tablet or computer.

    I have a laptop, tablet, or computer with good internet access and an email address.

    Follow the "Join Your Hearing Using a Computer, Laptop, or Tablet" instructions.

    2. Use a smartphone and download the Cisco Webex App.

    I have a smartphone and an email address. I do not have a computer, laptop, or tablet.

    Download the Cisco WebEx App to your phone. Follow the "Join your Hearing using a Smartphone" instructions.

    3. Call into Webex with a phone.

    Call into the WebEx with any phone. See "Call into your Hearing" instructions.
    Use this option if you do not have an email address, mobile phone, laptop, tablet or computer.

Best Practices For Remote Hearings
  • Close Other Applications  – Closing out of other programs such as browsers and email programs. Doing so will also prevent any applications from making distracting sounds (e.g., chimes for e-mails)
  • Headsets - If you have a headset, plug it in to your device prior to logging in to the Webex.
  • Have a phone nearby - Have a telephone nearby in case there is a problem with your computer so you can call in.
  • Plug-in in your laptop - Plug your laptop into a wall outlet, do not run off battery
  • Strong Internet Connection - Make sure you have a reliable internet connection
  • Mute Yourself When Not Speaking – Use the mute button to mute yourself, this reduces background noise, participants should mute themselves when not speaking. 
  • Video and Lighting -  Position the camera as close to eye level as possible; consider propping your device on books to elevate it.  Make sure that your head and shoulders are visible on camera.
  • Video Etiquette -  A remote hearing via Webex is as real and as formal as if you are in a courthouse.  You should therefore dress professionally.  Please do not shuffle papers, click pens, or type on a keyboard because doing so will create substantial and undesirable noise.
  • Plan ahead! - Find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed during the hearing. Test your device. Locate your paperwork and prepare your comments or questions for the judge. Join ten minutes prior to the hearing start time.
  • Test Your System in Advance - Be sure to test your system at least 48 hours prior to your first Webex meeting.
  • Seek Assistance -- Some hearing participants may have difficulty accessing the Internet or finding a smartphone or computer to use. NH public libraries may be able to assist. If access is a problem for you, try calling your public library to ask if they can help you participate in your hearing. Here’s where you can find information on NH public libraries. If you cannot find the support you need, you are encouraged to contact the Information Center (1-855-212-1234) at least one full day before your hearing is scheduled.
Webex User Guides
Technical Requirements
  • Computer Speakers - If you experience feedback from your speaker(s), verify that all devices are on mute except the one you are using for audio. For example, if you are using a tablet for video and your cell phone for audio, make sure the tablet's microphone/speaker are muted.
  • Multiple people in the same room - If you are participating with others in the same room, make sure all devices are far apart to reduce speaker feedback. If feedback persists, every participant should mute their device while only one participant at a time is unmuted when speaking.
  • Sound or video quality issues -Turn your video off and leave audio on if you experience sound or video quality issues. This will free up resources on your device and enable you to remain as an audio participant in the hearing.
  • Virtual Backgrounds - A virtual background requires additional computing resources. If you have a poor internet connection, do not use this feature.
Questions? Contact the NHJB.
  • If you have any questions about your remote hearing video conference, please call the Information Center at least 24 hours before your scheduled hearing date. 1-855-212-1234








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